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Mullum  Timber - Recycled Timber

Mullum Timber is a sister business of Core Demolition & Excavation. Timber is salvage from our own demolitions as well as other suppliers.

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT. We are often out salvaging timber from work sites. Please call in advance to make sure someone will be available to assist you.

Call Mitch - 0422 641 001

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Benefits of using recycled timber.

  • Tough - Recycled timber is often stronger than newer timber as a lot of older timber was milled from mature trees that are no longer available.
  • Durability - When compared to newer products, second hand timber is much more durable and will last longer in your house.
  • Preserves our existing forests. Using reclaimed timber helps to reduce the demand for newer virgin timbers.
  • Less prone to warping and splitting. Reclaimed timber from old houses has been fully dried out over many years and has already settled, leaving it much less likely to warp.
  • Adds Character and charm. When building with salvaged timber, it often adds character and charm to your work.
  • Blends in well with existing buildings.

Mullum Timber Yard

Our recycled timber yard is easy to find. It's located just passed the old railway station down Prince St.

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Directions (from Mullumbimby)

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Example uses.


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Local Delivery

Mullum Timber delivers via truck and crane to builders, renovators, cabinet makers and anyone that needs quality recycled timber in the local area.

Call Mitch - 0422 641 001

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